The Renewable Energy Sectors, in which the Group is active so far, are the generation of electricity from:

Wind Parks

They are projects concerning the exploitation and the utilization of the wind power of our country. The exploitation of wind energy by humans is a practice which finds its roots in antiquity. Some examples of exploitation of wind energy are sailing and windmills. Nowadays, in order to utilize the wind energy resources we use wind turbines.

Hydroelectric Factories

Hydroelectric power is based on the exploitation and the conversion into electricity of the dynamic energy of the kinetic energy of the water of the rivers. This conversion takes place in two stages. In the first stage, via the impeller of the turbine, we have the conversion of the kinetic energy of the water into mechanical energy in the form of rotation of the impeller shaft and to the second stage, through the generator; we achieve the conversion of mechanical energy into electricity.

Photo-voltaic Parks

In a country like Greece with so rich solar resources, solar energy consists one of the most significant factors of the Greek energy profile. Taking advantage of the solar power is one of the most important sources of electric production and it is implemented mainly via the development of photovoltaic systems either in buildings (small scale) or plots (large scale).


The term biomass corresponds to any material having biological (organic) source, including any material derived directly or indirectly from the plant world. More specifically, as biomass are considered the plant and forest residues, the animal waste, and the plants grown in energy crops so as to be used as an energy source, as well as the municipal waste and the remnants of the food industry, the agricultural industry, and the biodegradable fraction of municipal waste.